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Going out with a Victory!

Hey everybody! I hope you all are having an excellent week so far. Nothing like closing the week out with a good read right? Well I will do my best for you. As most of you already know my last fight was last friday at Bellator 114. I am very happy to report that I ws able to go out with a victory. In true Rad style too. A grinding 3 round unanimous decision. The majority of the fights in my career have gone that way. This one was no different. Edson Berto was a very game opponent. He wanted this fight bad. I think all 3 judges had him winning the first round. He landed some excellent shots on me and was so hard to get in on. I think his reach was far greater than mine was. And every time he threw a punch or kick it was with bad intentions. In the end it was my wrestling (of course) that helped me to prevail. He dropped down for a heel hook in the second round and I was able to defend and control him on the ground. In rounds two and three I must have hit him with 30 elbows to the face. Hard elbows too. I thought for sure I was going to cut him. No chance though. His skin was like leather. But with my wrestling control and my ground and pound I was able to get the W.

And that was it. My last fight. Going out with a 15-3 record. Not too bad. I am proud of my career. I have fought some very tough opponents. I hope that people will remember me for being a tough, hard nosed grinder. That I was respectful and left the sport a little better than when I entered it. Now it is time for me to be a family man. Time to be a husband and a father. The toughest jobs I will ever have I think. The toughest but the most enjoyable at the same time. I must thank the mma community for supporting me. You all have been amazing. And with the end of my mma career and contract I believe it will be the end of my sponsorship with Gaspari Nutrition. If that indeed is the case then this will probably be my last blog entry. Those of you that have read this every week I must thank you. You are a true friend if you can sit there and listen to me rant and rave week in and week out. If this is my last post then thank you to everybody. Your support has humbled me greatly. The support from Gaspari Nutrition has been great too. I can't believe they took a risk on me. I certainly did not provide them with enough services for what they have given me. The most amazing sponsor ever. Thank you Rich and the rest of the Gaspari team. I can never repay you. So as I say good bye I will close it out like I have closed out every previous post. Always remember to Fight To Win for what is important. If you do that then you can not go wrong. Good Bye guys, I love all of you.

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