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In Rememberance of Newtown Conn.

Hey everybody! I hope you all are doing well and are excited about Christmas being here very soon. Last year around this time my blog entry was an adaptation of the "Night Before Christmas". I had something like that planned for this blog entry but being the fact that it is the one week anniversary of the shooting in Newtown Conn. at Sandy Hook Elementary School I felt that it would have been in bad taste to do. So I will try to do that at a later time before Christmas. Instead now I will voice a little of my insight and opinion of the tragic incident. Just one week removed from that horrible event and I still find myself asking "why?" Asking myself "how could somebody do something so terrible?" But more importantly asking myself "how can a future incident be prevented?" And I see in all situations like this most of us look for something to blame. Many people blame guns. Others blame society. Still others blame parenting; the upbringing of the person that did this. Most people ,like me, simply blame the shooter. I put 100% blame on him for this incident. At some point in time in our life ,whether it's when we are a teen or an adult or some other age, we all develop a pretty good idea of what is right and what is wrong. No matter what society tells us, or what our parents tell us, we all have a good idea. Racism bad, equality good, killing bad. It's not that hard. This kid knew what he was doing. He knew who his victims were gonna be. He set out to hurt really young, really innocent people. So I put all the blame at his feet.

So now we try to figure out how to prevent this from ever happening again. Some people say "better gun control". Others ,like my fiance Trish, say armed guards or armed teachers at the school is the answer. I say metal detectors in schools is the answer, whish is sad to think that we have come this far. Metal detectors in grade schools! Are we serious?? Armed teachers! Are we serious?? It's sad to think about our world being like this but we must do anything to protect our children. In truth I think it would take a combination of all of these things ,and more, to prevent the next shooting spree from happening. But still it won't be enough. People will always find a way to do terrible things. Heck the guns this kid used were legally registered to his mother. What parent thinks their twenty year old will grab their gun and do something horrible like this? I dare say no parent. But that's where it starts. With the parents I guess. As a soon to be husband and hopefully father I have to show me children how much I love them. How important they are to me. Make them hate the idea of hurting another human being. Respect others and respect life as the fleeting thing that it is. Maybe that won't be enough, we don't know but this kids mother could have been and probably was a wonderful mother to her son. But it sure can't hurt can it?

I'm sorry to be such a downer so close to Christmas. I just felt that this event and the victims deserved a little more attention. So as you prepare for this Holiday season and Christmas only four days away, make sure you go home and kiss your children ,no matter how old or young they are. Show them you appreciate them. Show them you love and need them. Not only cause they can be here and gone in a flash but also maybe that appreciation and love can prevent the next terrible event. I guess only time will tell. Everybody please have a great Christmas! I will be back soon with something that will hopefully put some smiles on your faces and add a little joy to the season. Also please make the most of this holiday season, not just for you but also for those 26 vicitms (Charlotte Bacon, Daniel Barden, Rachel Davino, Olivia Engel, Josephine Gay, Ana M. Marquez-Greene, Dylan Hockley, Dawn Hochsprung, Madeleine F. Hsu, Catherine V. Hubbard, Chase Kowalski, Jesse Lewis, James Mattioli , Grace McDonnell, Anne Marie Murphy, Emilie Parker, Jack Pinto, Noah Pozner, Caroline Previdi, Jessica Rekos, Avielle Richman, Lauren Rousseau, Mary Sherlach, Victoria Soto, Benjamin Wheeler, Allison N. Wyatt) who could not do so themselves. Until next time FTW in all that you do!! Take Care and Merry Christmas!

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