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One Year Anniversary!

Good morning everybody! Another friday has arrived and if you live in Utah you woke up to a winter wonderland. Looks like we got about five inches here in West Jordan. I hope you all were safe and had no problems driving into work today. Also get out and enjoy that snow this weekend. Go sledding or skiing or something. If you are in florida and it's 70 degrees go to the beach.

This weeks blog entry is another personal one for me. Tomorrow is the 1 year anniversary of Trish and I becoming a couple! What a crazy year it has been. For both of us but especially for Trish. In the span of a year Trish was in a car accident that totaled her car(not her fault), bought a new car, quit her job as a CNA in New York, moved across the country from New York to Utah(for me), moved into this crazy house with me my grandfather and father and didn't even bat an eye when she saw my job as a caretaker for my father. Started a new job as an English teacher, lost her Father and Grandfather, quit her job as a teacher because it was too dangerous only to turn around and land the Admissions Coordinator job at the very same school two weeks later, got pneumonia, broke two bones in her foot and to top it all off she got engaged to me. Wow, what a year!! Girl has been through everything. She has shown so much strength and determination. And love and support for me. Such a strong willed person. She has been knocked down so much in her life but she keeps getting back up with more determination every time. I hope I can make this next year and every year after that better than the last one. She deserves it. We celebrated our anniversary last night by braving the snow and going to an exceptonal dinner at a place called "Francks" and then went to a not so exceptional laser light show where Trish fell asleep. Which only makes me love her even more. Worked so hard this week that she couldn't stay awake. Half the time i just watched her sleep. Cheesey I know but what can I say, I'm a cheesehead. So on our one year anniversary I say I love you so much Trish!! You mean the world to me. I hope I can in some way return the favor you have given me by bringing so much joy into my life. I'll spend the next 70 years trying to do just that. I love you!! Happy One Year Anniversary!!

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