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Bellator Coming to Utah

Hey all! It's Friday again. Boy it seems like these fridays are coming rapid fire. As soon as I get done writing one blog it seems like it is already time to write another one. Before I get into this one though I have to do what I always do. Wish each and every one of you that read this a happy friday and an even happier weekend. Make it a great one.

The topic of todays blog entry is about Bellator coming out to Utah. Many people have asked me how I feel about Bellator coming to my home town. "What was your reaction when you heard they were coming to Utah?" My first reaction was "get the heck out of here!" I used a stronger word than heck but you get the idea. Levi(my brother/manager) is the one who told me and I thought he was putting me on. Never in my right mind would I have thought they would come to Utah. And certainly not me be the main event! It's a little surreal to be completely honest. I'm so excited and honored to be part of the reason why Bellator breaks in to Utah. The fact that Utah is such a huge MMA state and the fans are great being the other reasons. Just when I thought I couldn't get any more motivated to win this fight, BAM!!, fighting at home just adds that much more motivation for me. I hope to put on a great show for everybody here in hopes of opening the door for more shows to come. I know that the fans will impress Bellator brass enough to make them a consistent presence here. I am so proud! Don't worry Utah I will not let you down. Gonna fight till i'm a bloody stump if I have to. Big thanks to Bellator for making this happen!! Gotta run for now. Time for an interview. Remember to always Fight To Win in all that you do!!

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