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Hey All!! If you are reading this then you know it must be Friday! The day we all look forward too during the week. Plans or no plans, we all appreciate the coming of the weekend. Well I hope it will be worth the wait and you all get some much needed R&R this weekend.

This week in sports an amazing thing happened. A professional Male athlete came out of the closet. Jason Collins of the Washington Wizards is now the first openly gay male athlete in all of major sports. This comes an astounding 32 years after Martina Navratilova was the first professional female athlete to come out of the closet. This seems to send out a pretty clear message that Men's professional sports is not very tolerant of Homosexuality. Well it's time to change that men. It's time we start excepting everybody that's willing to lay it all on the line for their team. I feel as a nation we could be more tolerant as well. It is getting better but I think we can all agree that we are kind of moving at a snails pace. If you are a religious person then you recognize that God loves all of his children. If you are purely a scientific person and believe in the idea of evolution then surely you realize that none of us has a choice in who we love and who we are attracted to. The brain tells you who is attractive or not. Being gay or straight is not a choice in my opinion. We are all created equal. And we all deserve equal treatment under human law and under God's law. Good for you Jason Collins. Maybe this will lead to more tolerance and more brave athletes coming out to live a open and free life. I hope everybody has a good day and weekend. Remember to FTW in all that you do.

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