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Another Quick Update

Hey All! How goes it? I have had a good week so far and I hope you have had the same. If you haven't then there is nothing like a good weekend to break you out of that funk. So here is to a happy and productive weekend. Well not that productive. Get some rest in too.

Gonna use todays blog to give you all some quick updates on me. Last week I blogged about my excitement that Trish and I are pregnant. Well the baby is doing very well so far. He/She is sitting at just over 3 cm long right now. And kicking like a soccer player already. The Dr says that everything is looking normal. Trish and I are going to a place called Fetal Photo tomorrow to get a look see at our little guy or girl. I am very excited.

As it stands right now, Trish and I are 22 days away from the wedding! We are very close to having everything ready for it. Just working on the small details now. Me trying to get my guys dressed and looking sharp. Trish getting the flowers designed and arranged. It's hard to believe that in a little over three weeks we will be married. I never thought this day would come. I am so lucky and again am very excited!

And finally, I know that most of you read this to find out about my fighting career and not my personal life. I am very sorry that there has been such a long gap A. between fights for me and B. between updates on fights for me. The truth is that with my wedding coming up and then with my brother getting married in September that it has been hard to get anything scheduled. I wanted to get a fight before my wedding in July but couldn't make it happen. So I am hoping to have something around October or November. So right now I have been training, trying to stay sharp and stay healthy. After the wedding excitement is over then it will be time to go all out and get ready for my next one. Please stay patient with me. As soon as I know, you all will know. Until then please have a safe and fun weekend. Remember to FTW in all that you do as well.

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