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A New Year

I can't believe it is 2013 already! Looking back on 2012 so many things happened, and there are things I  wish I had done. Well, it is a new year, which means a fresh start! Something that I have been putting a lot of emphasis on in my personal life is the value of family. We recently lost my Grandma Alice to congestive heart failure, but it was actually a staff infection she had caught at the hospital. That's a whole other story. Anyway, It didn't really hit me until it was all said and done. She was peacefully laid to rest January 5th, 2013 in Lincoln, NE. It's funny sometimes you never really cherish or value those special moments with sometime until there gone. Which is terrible to say, but It definitely happens. Now, I especially have that in the beck of my mind. I could have gone to Lincoln to see her more, hung out with her, talked to her on the phone etc.

That's why the value of family is so paramount in life. I really want my son to truly cherish and respect the family we have . We have a very small one, just my Mom,Dad,myself, Joe (my boyfriend) and my son Cruz. I always want to be close to my parents no matter what stage I am in life. I'm all they got, and want to be here when they get older and need my help. They have done so much for me, that's the least I could do. Myself and Cruz still go to dinner every Friday with my parents, and plan on doing this for a long time. All in all just wanted to reflect on the important things in life that matter. You have one family, spend time with them, say I love you, give them a hug, or just a quick call on the phone.

I hope everyone has had a good start to the new year, cheers!

Libby :)

My Grandma Alice and her first great-grandson, my son, Cruz-

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