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Coping with Injury

It's been about 3 weeks since I hurt my back. I of course I didn't do it lifting any really heavy weight. Something just tweaked when I was going down in a pistol. (A one legged squat). It was a very fierce pain shot that shot down my butt. I thought oh geez that didn't feel to good.  But, a lot of times I will keep going through the pain of something. This on the other hand was different. Couldn't even move or bed over. So obviously I knew I did something. Tried to shake it off the next two days after and just couldn't do normal household duties like laundry and getting my son in the car. This was so defeating to me. Especially since I was suppose to Compete in the Granite Games in Minnesata October 4-6. So my next step is to get this sucker healed!! I've been going to a chiropractor and that has been helping. The thing that actually felt the best was not working out for a few days, but it was literally driving me insane. But I had to tell my self this needs to HEAL, you will make it worse! So staying off of it really did help, but I can feel myself getting weaker by the day. That must be the hypocondhoratic in me :) I've slowly started back doing some stuff, but Im defiantly not at my strongest. Can't look at it in a negative way since it happened, just need to think if the positive. Hopefully soon I will be back to throwing around some heavy weights soon!!

I'll be down at Mr.Olympia next weekend in Las Vegas. I'll be at the Gaspari Nutriton Booth, (of course!) come by and get some samples and say Hi!!

Happy Hump Day!!

Libby :)

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