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Kenneth Jackson

New product explosion

Wow...I just got a hold of the new Detonate XT, Carnipure, and Super Pump 3.0.  I've been suffering from some sinus issues the last few days and have felt sluggish and dreading my workout. I took a Detonate around 5:30pm and by 6pm my clients were wondering how my mood changed so quickly. I then opened my sample bottle of Super Pump 3.0 and Carnipure. I trained arms and it was one of John Meadows famous crazy 8's. I super-setted 6 different exercises, blew through them, and still wanted more. It is now later in the evening, I'm sitting on my couch writing this blog and still feeling full of energy.   This will for sure be my pre-contest stack when the carbs and energy are low. Awesome job guys!!!!!

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