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I recently read a post about what was more important-  training, diet, supplements, support, or mindset? When I look at those words the one word that stands out the most is MINDSET! For me, at least, it is the most important not only when it comes to a person’s fitness level but in general life situations.  The mind is [...]

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Testimonial Time

This is one of my current clients Raquel Long who decided to enter her first Bikini contest back in July. Raquel and I have had an on and off training relationship for about 10 years. Her competition stats include:2012 Natural Michigan- 1st in masters and 6th in open which was her first show ever and 2012 [...]

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Setting the record straight..

I know this is a bit off topic this week but I want to talk about something a little personal. I would like to apologize to all the parents who have been posting pictures of their children on any of the social media sites. I always spoke against having kids on there for all to see. It was a [...]

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My whirlwind week…

Wow, what a month!! It’s been a wild ride with the birth of my daughter, Jade, on September 24, 2012. My wife was such a warrior.  Contractions started around  3am and the baby was born around 11am, not to mention baby Jade was a week late. We got home from the hospital on Wednesday and I [...]

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