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Kenneth Jackson

The realness is about to set in

Well folks, I am one week out from my 18 week prep for my pro debut at the Toronto Pro. Both myself and Neil are excited because we have put an extremely good off-season together this past year. I feel like I have made a lot of improvements. I was looking at video from the [...]

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Turn it on its head

Today I am sharing a few kind words from one of my clients.  These are his words and I didn’t pay him! lol!  But in all seriousness, this guy talking below is the real deal.  He was in the Army and was injured while serving our country.  He lost a limb and suffered a great [...]

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Safety first

For a few weeks now, I’ve tried to understand the whole “right to bare arms” and why it’s so important to people. I didn’t grow up around guns, never owned a gun, my parents knew nothing about guns, etc. As the dust settled on the horrific event that happened in Connecticut I was furious and [...]

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