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I recently read a post about what was more important-  training, diet, supplements, support, or mindset? When I look at those words the one word that stands out the most is MINDSET! For me, at least, it is the most important not only when it comes to a person's fitness level but in general life situations.

 The mind is a powerful tool and if used properly can open many doors of opportunity. You must first believe in yourself.  After that you can do anthing- you can get in shape, pass that biology test, stop smoking, or whatever task put before you.  Bossman Rich Gaspari always says if you don't believe you can do something, then you can't. If you look at our team of physique, combat sport, strength/endurance, and team sport athletes we all have one thing in common- MINDSET! All my life I've been told that I couldn't do things.   I was told that I couldn't get into the University of Michigan- let alone play football for them, I was told that I couldn't graduate with a B grade point average while playing sports, I was told that I couldn't open my own business and be successful.  The one thing that I kept consisent in myself through all of those messages was my MINDSET.  I, most importantly, never thought any of those things were impossible...I KNEW I could do them all if I put my mind in it!

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