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Havoc and Gifts

First, I would like to send my thoughts and prayers to the entire East coast that was hit by Hurricane Sandy.  There was extensive damage done and people are still suffering through the havoc that was caused.  Keep your heads up folks! It may not seem like it, but you will get through this and times will get better!

On a second note- we have been granted a GIFT of choice through the hardships and battles fought by all of those who have gone before us. Our GIFT is the ability to VOTE.  As athletes we train hard, practice more, and eat better than the average Joe.  By nature we are competitive but for some reason when it comes time to elect our government officials we often stand hopeless and say "my vote doesn't matter".   If I was your coach I would tell you to stop whining and do something about it.  Don't stand around talking "game" and not do anything to back it up. Your vote does matter and no matter who you vote for- go vote.  Educate yourself, be strong in all areas of your life, stop whining and take a few minutes out of your life and vote!

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