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Kenneth Jackson

A Sad Day

As I got up this morning to start my day I couldn't help to think that many others were not.  The shooting yesterday in Connecticut is so disturbing to me as innocent children were so violently taken.  I have heard the debates surrounding it- is it lack of mental health services, lack of gun control, lack of school security, lack of love, lack of prayer, and so on.  I do not think this is the appropriate forum or venue to debate this, so I will not.  I do know, however, that we as spouses, parents, athletes get wrapped up in our routines and functions of the day and maybe lose sight of what is important from time to time.  We need to remember to show our love for our loved ones daily.  This hits home especially now for me as a father.  I know I kissed my little one a bit more this morning before heading off for work.  I hope you do the same before taking on your tasks today.  Be safe out here people and remember to express your love- tomorrow is never promised.

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