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Humble pie

Hey everyone! I hope you all enjoyed some holiday cheer over the past weekend.  I know we had a great couple of days spent with family and friends and look forward to the New Year that will be here in a few short days!

On a different note I would like to address something I have been thinking about for a while now.  We live in a world of technology and social media like Facebook, Twitter, Intagram, our TV's have internet capabilities, and it seems like everything is an "i" this or "i" that.  As a result, anyone and everyone at any time has a platform to speak or express themselves in any way.

Lately I've been seeing or reading a lot of bodybuilders talk about themselves like they were already professionals, or better yet, comparing themselves to a top level IFBB Pro. I don't have a problem with confidence in ones ability to achieve success however comparing yourself to a top pro or calling out national level athletes when you haven't even won a state level show is not the greatest idea, in my humble opinion (see I have a platform too, lol).  You don't see guys like Phil or Kai compare themselves to Flex Wheeler or Arnold. To be honest, you really don't see any of the pros speaking like that on any of their social networks or magazine interviews. I know I will probably get called a hater for writing this blog but I just think a lot of these young bodybuilders today have things twisted a bit.  Our society, as whole, has moved to a lot of talk and not a lot of action to back it up.  I say aim high, reach for the best, but remember to be humble along the way.  Other's have come before you, they have paved the way, don't lose respect for that!! Okay enough ranting from me, I just needed to get that off my chest. Peace!

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