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Today I am sharing a few kind words from one of my clients.  These are his words and I didn't pay him! lol!  But in all seriousness, this guy talking below is the real deal.  He was in the Army and was injured while serving our country.  He lost a limb and suffered a great deal of trauma.  While he states I have helped him in his training, he has helped me to have a greater appreciation for training, and life in general.  He says "it's never easy to spend your life training one way and turning it on its head and trying something new"- well isn't that true in LIFE? It may not always be easy but damn if we shouldn't try!

"After medically retiring from the Army I found I was lacking something in my life.  What I found I was lacking was direction in my training.  I had always been active whether it was college football, powerlifting or combat focused training in the military.  I did my research and came across Ken Jackson and decided to give him a call.  Ken and his background fit well into what I was trying to accomplish.  It's never easy to spend your life training one way and turning it on its head and trying something new.

Originally I just wanted to train with someone that new more than I did and had experience at the next level.  We are now just under 4 weeks of working daily with Ken and following his diet the results are noticeable.  My clothes are fitting more loosely and my strength hasn’t dropped.  Ken understands the struggle for me during this transition helping me realize that the results will come.  I have a new perspective on training and diet that I never had before.  A diverse workout routine and healthy diet that is easy to follow with some flexibility have all helped in the shift.  Ken is constantly challenging me in the gym to make gains whether it’s one extra rep or 5 extra pounds the small steps are coming together.  I’m excited to workout and can feel my body responding to the changes in a positive and motivating way."

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