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Dwindling February numbers

Okay people,  the first week of February is here.  What does your gym look like? The same as January?  I would venture to say not!  The new years resolution folks are falling off faster than you can keep up with.  While I can appreciate people setting goals, I think it can be a huge mistake to wait on a new year to start a proper diet and exercise program. People can get caught up with "new year, new goals" hype. No need to wait for a special day, especially a day/time when the gyms are packed, trainers are busy with clients, and there are long lines at your local nutrition store.

Another important piece to be mindful of is realistic goals.  A marathoner didn't start out running 26.2 miles so you shouldn't either.  Extreme goals will likely result in failure. Baby steps people, start slow. If you haven't been in the gym much before, try for 2 days a week instead  of everyday and burning yourself out in week or so. Dieters, please consider a well rounded diet that includes lean proteins, complex carbohydrates, fruits/vegetables, good fats, and fiber. Don't just overload yourself with one thing, nutrition is about balance.  And here is a big research and/or ask trainers and nutritionists for help.  If you aren't familiar with what to do for your body or how to meet your diet needs, ASK FOR HELP.  There is nothing I am more happy to do than help someone get started rather than to watch someone struggle on their own and then fall off after a month because they didn't know how/what to do.

With all of that said, if you did not jump on the new year's bandwagon, February sure looks like a fine time to start getting healthy. Welcome!

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