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Moving and shaking

This blog was brought about after a conversation with a friend.  She was telling me about her time in her gym and she said it can be an intimidating place. Now my friend is an old athlete but hasn't played her sport since college.  She has been in and out of the gym over the years post-college so I was confused how she thought a gym was intimidating as she has spent many years in one. But over the years she became, in her words, lazy and gained weight.

This is the conversation that we shared in her words....

"The gym can be an intimidating place; new equipment, in-shape people, lack of knowledge, etc.  I had just finished some interval training.  I will admit, I was done. I was beet red in color, sweating, and I am sure breathing heavily.  I started my cool down and was walking on the treadmill, listening to some good music when a woman got on the treadmill next to me.  I looked over; she smiled, I smiled.  It was a familiar smile.  It was familiar because she was a heavy woman and you know I am carrying too much weight myself right now.  The smile said "thank god, not another crazy skinny girl."  Now that is not to judge thin woman or in-shape people.  It was just a smile that said "I understand". Some small chat was had.  Towards the end she said what the smile had already expressed.  I was cleaning up the treadmill and she said "it is nice to see someone kind of like me in here and working out".  I kind of chuckled and told her to not worry about the others.  I told her that all my "extra" was just "moving and shaking" all over the place but I couldn't afford to let others watching stop me from working on MY progress.  And she should do the same.  I reminded her she was one step ahead of many others that were still home on the couch.  She laughed and said "you sure are right".  I have to admit- that reminder given to her was just as much one for myself.  It can be hard going into the gym when you are carrying extra weight.  But I know deep down it has too be done."

When my friend told me this story I kind of side-shrugged it for a minute, but then realized she is right. Whether you were the skinny guy trying to pick up some weight next to a guy that had been lifting for years or like the lady mentioned above - we all had to start at the beginning.  Let's try not judge in the gym, but encourage each other.  One may be at the starting block and others might be nearing the finish line- yet we are all in the same race.  Peace people!

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