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Tying shoes

Hey folks! Just checking in with a short update.  I am three weeks into my prep and I am feeling good with it all. Dieting is like tying your shoes, it is something you never really forget how to do. Neil has started me off with two fish meals, and the rest is ground turkey and egg whites sprinkled with some fats each meal. This time around I feel my body changing at a quicker rate.  It also seems as though I'm staying fuller/rounder but losing body fat each week.

My training is going well too.  Neil has not had me doing any cardio yet so we will see how that goes soon enough, I imagine. I have also started practicing my posing with my old local coach, IFBB Darien Bond. I know I have 15 weeks to go but I want my posing to be on point down to every last quarter turn, transition, and foot placement. I want to bring a special routine to my first routine as a IFBB. I'm real excited, ladies and gentlemen, so stay tune for more updates.

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