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Well here we are- the day after Father's Day.  Yesterday I celebrated my first Father's Day.  It was a great day spent with my family and of course- my daughter! I have been proud to accomplish many things in life but this fatherhood thing is the best!  It may not always be easy but it sure is worth it.  It made me realize there are a lot of great people out here, on my side helping, cheering, and supporting.

I have a relatively small immediate family but time spent in college, on the football field, starting my business, getting married, starting a family- my "family" has grown.  I have realized that family is not just blood relatives but those important people you choose to be a part of your circle to help you along the way, to tell you when you are wrong, to encourage you down a path that makes you a better person.  I am thankful I have had a great "family" surrounding me over the years including my immediate family, my wife's family, numerous coaches- including Neil Hill, teammates, close friends, etc.

This Father's Day I was happy to be with my Jade but I realize that I could not have done it without the support of many.  With that said...I am outta here- time to get back in the gym so I can make my supporters proud in a few weeks.  Chicago is the next stop.....

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