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No Excuses

As an adolescent my parents never allowed me to make excuses. Not for my grades, why I didn't get my weekly chores done, my performance in athletic events, or (the biggest one) my behavior. I was always held accountable for my actions. I  vividly remember getting in trouble at school and hearing about other parents "protecting" their child  or even blaming the teacher. Well that didn't fly in the Jackson household- I was always at fault-  "what did u do this time?"  I would suffer the consequence that came from my actions and I knew it would be coming.

Once in college and playing football at U of M I learned quickly that excuses didn't bode well here either. Excuses were for people who strived for mediocracy and let me tell you there nothing average or mediocre being an University of Michigan athlete. The entire athletic department strived for greatness- 365 days of the year - No Excuses!

Moving on to my bodybuilding days and becoming a pro- the IFBB arena has no room for excuses in any form or fashion. So to all my clients, friends, family, facebook friends, instagram followers, twitter family-  you now know why excuses upset me so much. No goal is too small or too big.  What you need to know is that you should tackle it with no excuses. Give it all you got with everything you got!! It is all in the attitude.  Now go make it happen.

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