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Crazy Busy

What's up everybody!  Sorry about being off the grid for the past few weeks.  Things around here have been crazy busy with traveling to the Olympia and repping Gaspari, business at my fitness studio, hitting it hard everyday with my own training, and squeezing in all sorts of summer weddings.  I am tired just typing all of that.  I keep wondering when is the down time coming  but I have been looking at it all as a true blessing.  The alternative is not being with the best supplement company in the world, slow business at the studio, nursing an injury, and not having the support of friends and family. I will take busy any day over the alternative!

Oh wait, did I mention busy?  Did I fail to mention my little 1-year-old at home? Wooah! My daughter is growing just as fast or faster than me, lol. She is learning words like crazy which means no more cussing for me, darn it.  (See, I have been practicing, lol).  I'm so in trouble with this little one but she is so much fun! You can see for yourself in the picture below.

Well that is all for now.  I will be meeting up with John Meadows next week for a few days of training.  Wish me luck and hopefully I will come back with some good, entertaining footage for ya! Until then...

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