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A little weekend fun

A few years ago I competed in a bench press competition that was sponsored by a few local Powerhouse Gym's. I trained at these particular gyms when I was an amateur trying to turn pro. Throughout my years of training I have forged many relationships and met people that I now consider friends. So, last weekend I again competed in the competition.  I thought it was a good way to catch up with some of the guys I used to see  in the gym when I was miserable, carb depleted, etc.  It was a good way to stay grounded, get back the places where I started, plus I am pretty close friends with the gym owner.  Also, I  was able to pass out Gaspari Nutrition gift bags to all the class winners, take pictures with fans, and do a little competing all at the same time. Sure, I took a chance of potentially getting injured but you know what, I could get injured steeping out of my car slipping on some black ice. I've never lived the "scared" way of life, so why start now. It was a great time spent with good people so I think overall it was a success.  Oh did I mention- I won too. lol.  Here's a clip of me killing it.  Enjoy...I am off to Ohio to meet with Mr. Meadows for some mountain dog training! Bring on the hurt! lol

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