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Writing this on the plane as I head to Dallas for Gaspari. I'm going to be doing an appearance at the Europa expo. Feel like I just got home from Denver and I'm already back in the air, it will nice to see some fans from Lone-star state though.  Speaking of Denver I'm still disappointed that the fight didn't go my way.  Thought I had a solid performance and i felt great leading up to the fight and amazing on fight night. I really attribute that to my diet and supplement intake that the team at Gaspari guided me with. I'm not just saying this either I truly felt eating better and the supps by Gaspari especially the Anavite and Aminolast made a noticeable difference.  I have been recommending Gaspari products to my teammates constantly. Even feeling as good as I did the outcome of the fight wasn't what I wanted. I'm looking forward to getting back in the win column as I feel extremely motivated by the circumstances of this last fight. On another note being away from my family for two weeks was rough, i missed my two little animals like crazy. It was awesome to get back and see their faces when I returned. Since I was away for two weeks and so busy with training these past couple months  I had to spend some much needed time with my fam. This past week we hit up the beach, Six Flags, the zoo, waterpark, and the boardwalk. Needless to say my kids wear me out more than training camp. Hahaha.

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