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Frankie Edgar

Aftermath of Sandy

Hey guys been a couple crazy weeks on the Jersey shore due to the super storm Sandy. I live about ten minutes from the beach and my area got hit pretty hard. Luckily I live far enough away from the beach so i didn't get to much damage. A lot of trees went down in my neighborhood, thankfully none in my yard but many of my neighbors weren't as lucky . We lost power for several days but in comparison to what others have gone through around here it was no big deal.  The days following the storm i went around some of the areas closer to the water and some people had up to three and a half feet of water in there house.  It only gets worse on the barrier islands i was able to go over the bridge into Seaside and Ortley with a cop friend, and what i saw over there was devastating. The whole board walk is all busted up and if its not its gonna need to be replaced. Both piers on the boardwalk are a mess, the Jet Star roller coaster is sitting in the ocean right now. Ortley was probably  the worst place i got to see by me it literally looks like a war zone.  The houses closest to the beach aren't even there anymore, there was actually a house sitting in the middle of Rt 35. It is so sad to see the places i spent my summers at my whole life pretty much ruined. i can't image being one of the families that lost there homes, cars, and valuables or even worse a loved because of this storm.  I was able to volunteer my time at some of the local shelters here in Toms River at the High School.  It was really nice to see the community all get behind one another and help out.  A lot of people still need help out here so if you can donate some items, money, or time it will go a long way.  I just hope we all can bounce back from this storm quickly, I know it will take time but i believe we will get there if we all continue to help each other. Thanks for your time and talk to you all again soon.

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