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Whats up all? Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving with their family and friends. I made my usual rounds with my family first eating at my parents house then heading to my In-laws and ate some more. haha. I did earn it though by getting a great wrestling workout at my buddies wrestling school Elite Wrestling in the morning.  Steve Rivera is the owner and operator of the school and he was my first wrestling coach and is still heavily involved in my career to this date.  He has a "barn" in the backyard of his house  which is actually a really nice facility, it comes in handy when i'm in need of a place to train. I have been fortunate to have such great coaches and people in my competitive career dating back to my early days in wrestling.  The coaches i have  had through out the years have made a tremendous impact of how i handle myself in and out of the cage. I stay in touch with pretty much all my past coaches and the coaches i have now are like family. i really believe in combat sports where its one on one competition you need a great support system in and out of the gym. Luckily i have had that through the years and im very thankful for that.

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