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What is good my peoples? ha. Been traveling these past couple weekends doing appearances and seminars. I went to Toledo, Ohio two weeks ago then to Odessa, Texas this past weekend . In Ohio i did a seminar and a signing at Bad Dog fighting MMA school. I had a lot of fun doing the seminar I don't do a lot of them so when I get the opportunity to do so I have a good time. It was an MMA seminar so I tried to cover striking, takedowns, and some BJJ.  It was only a two hour seminar which doesn't give me a lot time to show many techniques in each area so i try to pick a couple things and focus on the small details. I also like to tie the techniques together and make sure there is a good flow to the seminar. The students in the class ranged from a 67 year old to some 8 year olds and a bunch in between. The 67 year old impressed the hell out of me, he was doing forward rolls, shooting takedowns and throwing submissions off his back like he was a 30 year old. That is why i believe martial arts is for everyone, in the same room you have generations better themselves through training. After talking with the older gentleman he told me was involved in martial arts his whole life, which was easy to tell by the shape he was in and how well he was doing everything. Gives me hope for the future haha. In Odessa, Texas i did an appearance at 10 sports bar for the UFC fight on Fox. The bar owner Alex, his staff, and everybody that came out to watch the fights were awesome. This sports bar has had many UFC fighters come do appearances there as Odessa is definitely a fight town and really into the fights. While watching the fights with them you could see how much knowledge they had about the fights. These past weekends getting to teach and hang out with some fans was well spent. Now looking forward for the UFC coming to Jersey to hang out with some more fans and watch some great fights.

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