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Well guys this is my first blog post for Team Gaspari Nutrition. I'm honored to be a part of this team. Everyone that I have met in the company have been genuinely nice people that I know I am going to have a great relationship with. Rich Gaspari is a Jersey native just like myself so we have that Jersey bond right from the start. JERSEY STRONG!! The other Gaspari MMA athletes, Brian Stann and Rad Martinez are great competitors and great people as well. So, I knew right away that I'd be in great company. Many people don't know but Rad and I attended Clarion University together and we were drill partners throughout my whole career. Rad and I became very close friends throughout this time and still remain close today. Currently I am getting ready for my fourth title defense and I'm fighting the very tough Ben Henderson in Japan on  February 25th. So far my camp has been going great. I feel with the team behind me and my usual preparation, I will be more than ready for this challenge. I'm working with Ricardo Almeida, Mark Henry, Phil Nurse, Renzo Gracie, and Brian Blue as well as all my great training partners. We operate more as a family than we do as a team, which is why I feel that Team Gaspari will fit in perfectly into my camp. P.S I am hooked on Gaspari's Nutrition MyoFusion probiotic series cinnamon roll flavor as it is delicious. lol So that's it for my first blog, there will be more to follow so please stay tuned.

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