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here is what I think is my best blog yet. Its a story someone told me years ago that I think needs to be told as many times as possible, so here you go.

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Blogged Out

I really didn’t have much to blog about so this is pretty much just a video of me laying around rambling and my dog laying around being a dog. Fascinating stuff.

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Valentine’s Day

Heeeeey everybody, well here’s my latest blog… kind of a tag along thing on Valentines Day – oh and for are the smartass comments that I KNOW are coming – thats a hookah, NOT a bong in the background during the fox interview – oh and I couldn’t resist making fun of Miesha and her [...]

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Ronda’s first Gaspari Blog

Hey guys, well I prefer to do things in video form, so here’s my first blog – and yeah, it’s a video… hopefully this imbed thing works, I’m kind of new at this…. Ronda Rousey Gaspari Blog 1 okay the imbed thing isn’t working but the youtube video this links to is unlisted so you [...]

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