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Flex Lewis to Enter 2014 Arnold 212

Fresh off the wire- the 2014 Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio will be bringing the 212lb class to the stage at its 26th year anniversary! Thinking of our team, this is exciting news! It is especially exciting because I would love to see Flex bring home this title. It will be the first ever 212lb [...]

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Why is Neil in South India?

Sitting inside a cafe having a coffee on an extremely hot day in South India. You are probably asking yourself, “why is Neil in South India?” I’m here in Hydrabad looking after one of the biggest South Indian actors by the name of Mahesh Banu. Mahesh Banu is a client of my business partner/great friend [...]

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BodyPower .. It’s a Wrap

Well it’s the Wednesday after the BodyPower weekend in the UK and I’m sure I speak on behalf of everyone who attended the Event that it was a Huge success. To be honest, I had to think for a few mins just to check it was Wednesday as I haven’t stopped at all for the last [...]

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Spring Has Spring New Muscle

Time is flying by and it’s May already, crazy to think that we are well and truly past the first quarter of 2013 and the IFBB Pro League season is off with a Bang Just like so many years, 2013 has been set to be a very competitive year on and off the stage. The [...]

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Ambitions! Goals! Challenges!

So a New Year begins and I guess New Year’s resolutions have been made by many, as is normal this time of year. Before you go any further, take a step back and look back, reflect on 2012!! It may seem a normal thing to set new goals, but ask yourself first “how can I [...]

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Every Goal Starts with an Idea

Goals, ideas, thoughts, reasons all start by a moment of time, even just a second that sends a signal for you to think, no matter where you maybe we all think of things even if for a brief moment. Those very thoughts whether it is a goal, a wish, an insight or an idea should [...]

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You Only Have One Shot in Life so Make It Count!

It’s like going back in time in a time machine, everything is never ending. Nothing ever seems to have changed, and life is all about change, fresh starts, opportunities, and a relentless fight for survival and accomplishments. Well everything in the UK was all about change when Flex entered his home country with that title [...]

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I won’t forget that dreaded alarm going off at around 6.30am on Monday the 21st of October. The morning after Flex’s win at the British Grand Prix. It was a weekend full of excitement yet an endless amount of running around, organising the Sportex Festival. I was F–ked and I could have easily fallen back [...]

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British Grand Prix

Heading home to the UK from Vegas after seeing Flex win the first ever 212lb Mr Olympia title was very surreal. What also really excited me was the fact that the UK bodybuilding fans were about to see the first ever 212 Mr Olympia onstage along with a host of the top pro and amateur [...]

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My Take on the 2012 Mr Olympia

Well the Mr Olympia has well and truly passed and for some of the athletes there was tears of joy, and for some others minor setbacks. So where does that bring us today and what was my take on the 2012 Mr Olympia? Personally for me the event was fantastic; I feel this was certainly [...]

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