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Here In Mumbai

It’s currently 2.25am Mumbai time and it’s still 33 degrees outside, hot humid and very sticky!! As I look outside my window on floor 28 of a 60 story building I see nothing but glowing lights and an air of vibrant excitement as I gazed into the city below. Mumbai, India what can I say? [...]

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The Biggest Fitness Expo in the UK

This past week is kind of a blur to me to be honest, so much has happened yet these are things which aren’t necessarily interesting to others. The name Body Power in the UK is a name that makes people’s ears open and heads turn. Body Power is by far the Biggest Fitness Expo in [...]

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Y3T Training Update

Well guys, I’m writing this week’s blog in Metro Fitness in Worthington, Ohio. I have just taken a break from filming for the third day of balls to the walls real live Y3T training that and Gaspari Nutrition are bringing you absolutely free!!!!!! You have know idea what the hell this video series is [...]

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On my way home from the 2012 Arnold Festival

I’m currently mid-flight on my way home from the 2012 Arnold Festival in Columbus Ohio. Sitting only a few sits back from me on this small connection flight to Washington is the current Mr O, Phil Heath. What I can’t and still find hard to figure out is how he can fit in one of [...]

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