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Nearly 2 Weeks in Mumbia India

Well it has been nearly 2 weeks since I arrived in Mumbia India! As I said in my last blog it has certainly opened my eyes in so many ways, but I am having the most amazing time and experience I could ever wish for.

Since settling in and getting to know my clientbs Body he really has responded extremely well to the new diet and training programme I have designed for him. Before I started with him he was certainly over dieting and had slowed down his metabolic rate to such an extent fat loss was almost impossible for him to achieve at that point.

Since then I have increased his carbs and EFAs by double and reduced his cardio by half - however I have increased the intensity of his cardio so he is burning far more calories during his cardio sessions making his training time far more productive.

I have been doing cardio every morning and every evening with my client, as I don't expect my clients to perform an exercise, workout or cardio programme that I'm not prepared to do along side them. Personally, I have already lost 5-6lbs of body fat and I have most deffinitely gained muscle mass. This is largely due to the fact since being in India I have been very consistent with my eating without missing meals, which ultimately means I am able to gain muscle.

As you would expect I have had some CRAZY training sessions with Kris and Marika Gethin along with Sheru himself - it has been a real case of combat among us with no one wanting to fail first. Every day is exciting! It feels great every morning getting up at 6am and starting the day with cardio and then enjoying a day full of new adventures!

I hope every one is fit and well!

Take Care


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