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Looking Back the Past

Do you ever look back and reminisce about the past? It's something I do from time to time, I guess for me it's a way for to appreciate how lucky and fortunate I am to be doing what I do, and a way to allow me to embrace the future and all the great things which are happening.

Nine years ago to the week my journey and the story of Flex Lewis and myself began when we met for the first time. I'm sure you have all heard the story but what seem so strange is that I'm 4,500ft up in the air, part way across the Atlantic Ocean as I make my way to team up with Flex Lewis. I am going to mix things up in the gym with him for 5 days in his home town, Tennessee .It will always be impossible to explain the relationship I have with Flex, we have traveled the World jumping from one country together to another and competed in so many great shows. However, way above this we have built an amazing relationship and bond together which will last forever more, way beyond Flex's competitive days.

As I stepped on the plane only 4 hours ago looking for my seat, I was getting updates and photo's from Flex so I could see exactly how he was looking before I arrive with him later in the evening.

It's kinda strange because I know before I even get an update from Flex with his current body weight what he's gonna be looking like.

Flex is currently 214lbs and only 19 days out from the biggest bodybuilding event in the World. Joe Weider's Mr Olympia is the event that stands out like no other, unless you have sat in that Mr Olympia auditorium and captured the emotions and excitement that bounces off everyone it is impossible to explain the atmosphere! There is really no other feeling like it in the bodybuilding world.

So Tennessee and Flex Lewis you better be ready for some off the wall training because when I get into town it's Y3T all the way combined with a shit load of blood sweet and tears. I'm sure a quick IBM or too full of Vomit by the time we finish our workouts will be something to look forward.

It's Monday the 10th of September and what's so crazy about this trip is I'm only staying with Flex until late this Friday afternoon before flying back to my home in Wales (UK). Here I will rejoin my family before I leave with my wife 1 week later as Flex and myself team up in our boot camp, Las Vegas as we hit the final phase of his Mr Olympia prep.

The great thing about coming out to the States is I get the chance to see so many of my clients I have in the States face to face that I only normally see through a Skype screen.For me that's a great way for me to hang out and enjoy quality time with them all.

OK Guys, I'm gonna grab a movie or two as I settle back into my seat and watch this time fly by!

Take care,


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