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My Take on the 2012 Mr Olympia

Well the Mr Olympia has well and truly passed and for some of the athletes there was tears of joy, and for some others minor setbacks.

So where does that bring us today and what was my take on the 2012 Mr Olympia?

Personally for me the event was fantastic; I feel this was certainly one of the Best Mr O contests for a very long time. It was everything that the Best show in the World is all about, blood, sweat, tears and much much more

The battle in the 212lb class was certainly between last year’s golden boy, the Welsh Dragon (James Flex Lewis) and none other than David Henry. To put things in perspective all the Guys in the Top 6 brought their A game to the stage, making it an extremely competitive field of athletes. However, as the Pre-judging slowly started to gain momentum it was clear to me that the Battle for 2nd and 1st place was between Flex & David.

It's hard for me to sound like I'm being honest because I look after Flex; however I felt with a clear conscious that Flex was a good 3-4 points in front after Pre-judging. You may very well ask yourself how did I form that opinion. Unless you are sitting in there amongst the fans it's impossible to explain why, however his overall balance, lines, attachments and consistency in condition from head to toe was world class. For me it was just too strong for his fellow competitors.

I'm not saying for one minute that Davis didn't push Flex's to the limits with his outstanding structure and dense mature muscle mass. David was on the money, but when judged and pushed through all the comparison poses I felt Flex came alive and was too strong for David on this day.

From 3rd to 6th place it was very interesting as the athletes battled for places and when the stage was set and the places were given out I felt the places were very much justified.

So happened with the Open Class? I thought the places were pretty much spot on, some athletes missed their peek whilst others peeked to Perfection. So athletes will have felt as though they let a place slip, as where others will have felt they won an extra place or two – it made the show very exciting.

The battle between Phil & Kai was every fans wish come true! Personally the show was Phil's to Win, however when a very much improved Kai Green graced the stage it was clear from the very beginning he was here for only one reason, to battle for that title.

Pose for pose those two athletes battled and when the Pre-judging came to an end you could feel the vibe of excitement through the Auditorium as fans, experts, media and press went wild on their social media sites.

For me the real interest was the new open hot shot Shawn Rhoden! I always said he was the wild card and an athlete who could cause a major upset. The fact is he did just that, with Branch and Wolf dropping places and one of the best looks brought to the stage by past Mr O Dexter Jackson. Shawn’s 3rd place was well deserved!

From a real fans perspective the event was everything and more. For a few of the athletes it was an event they wish to forget, however those very men who may very well felt disheartened will probably come back stronger next time round!

So what did Flex and I do differently in comparison to past shows for 2012 Mr Olympia 212 class?

Just remember Flex is ONLY 28 years of age, he's still just a kid in the Sport yet his ability to make dramatic improvements continues, from 2010 to 2012 Flex has gained 18lbs of muscle. Let's face facts and let’s cut the Bull shit out, those gains are a trade mark to his commitment and hard work to be the Best at what he does.

Fact 1 - Flex and I get to use the latest cutting edge Supplements way before they go to the market place, we have the ability to try and test these very products and have our own input to changes made to these products.

Fact 2 - I'm always changing and developing new hybrid Y3T workouts for Flex's body based on his recovery and lean muscle gain on a constant basis.

Fact 3 - I had Flex eating more calories from whole foods which were rich in essential fatty acids and I also fed him throughout the night!

Fact 4 - We did less cardio for this event than in the past and I also had Flex resting with more days off in the week than in past years.

Fact 5 - Flex has more balance and a much happier mind-set this year and much of that is down to his new and beautiful girlfriend, Ali Rosen. Having Ali in his corner as part of the team as well as the love of his life has really made a huge different to Flex.

Fact 6 - When you have the support from all your sponsors who believe in you and want you to be your best for all the right reasons and not just because it's good for business that in itself helps to generate positive vibes.

Fact 7 - Flex Lewis trained to be No 1!!!!! Not number 2, 3 or 4 but No 1. Like so many athletes Flex has a dream, never give in, never walk away knowing you could have given more and always leave no stone unturned!

When all is said and done it is you the competitor who has to look in the mirror and be able to say to yourself ‘’I did everything needed to be at my best.’’ You don't have to win a show or be the best to be a champion! All you need to do is give it your best shot and after that you hold your head high because that's what life is all about, you have one shot at it to be true to yourself!

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