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British Grand Prix

Heading home to the UK from Vegas after seeing Flex win the first ever 212lb Mr Olympia title was very surreal.

What also really excited me was the fact that the UK bodybuilding fans were about to see the first ever 212 Mr Olympia onstage along with a host of the top pro and amateur athletes in Manchester, at the British GP.

This year's Sportex Festival was moved to the city of Manchester, opposed to last year's venue in London. Manchester is more accessible for a larger percentage of the fans due to its geographical location.

Having that Win of Mr Olmpia in Vegas it certainly gave us some head way for the following Event. The game plan was now in place for the British GP. Sometimes when you have back to back shows it can be easy to spill over, and start a a up hill battle with water retention, however with Flex it was effortless, we just decreased his carbs to 150g a day and I had him do 20 minutes cardio each morning for the first 7 days. This may sound like a small amount of Cardio, however for Flex at this point it was all that was needed

For the final 10 days we increased Flex's cardio to 30 minutes each morning and cycled his carbohydrates, with low and high days. The goal was to keep him growing into the show so he would step on stage 1-2lbs heavier than in Vegas.

Bringing Flex's A game to the stage is something we always strive for and it is my opinion over the last few years we have managed to do that successfully, showing improvements on a constant basis.

On Wednesday, 6 hours before planned we started carb loading because I felt Flex needed too re-volume, he was more than ready to kick the loading phase off. On the scales at the weigh in, Flex moved the scales to 211lbs. This wasn't his stage weight though, this was just his weight the night before the event

Flex woke up Saturday morning on the day of Pre-Judging at 206lbs, by the time he hit the stage later that evening he was dried out and weighing 207lbs.

So what does this tell you? He can easily put another 5-6lbs  of quality muscle on his frame to be at that 212lb weight limit, we can make weight next year at 211lbs and bring him on stage at 211-12lbs! That is a serious gain when you consider Flex's physique and he is one of the few pros who can afford to add size without compromising on his aesthetics.

The show running order was Pro Athlete weigh in's Friday at 6pm to 7pm and then a second and final weigh in on Saturday morning from 9am till 9.30am.

Pro Athlete Pre-Judging was 7pm till 9pm and then Pro Finals Sunday from 7pm to 10pm.

The Expo had a great air of excitement and positive vibe running through the halls as fans gathered and talked about who they were looking forward to seeing on stage. Undoubtedly the biggest name the fans were looking forward to seeing was Flex Lewis!

As Flex hit the stage he resembled that of a hungry lion on a mission, As you all know Flex won the 212 class and retained his British GP, did you ever think he was going to give it up? No f--king way!!

Flex was a Champion among many top athletes that night. What we achieved resembled that of our work 3 weeks before, with arguably a fuller look. Flex took the crowds breath away!

In my mind there is no doubting this is the best 212lb line up ever seen on an IFBB Pro stage outside of the Olympia and I want to personally thank all of the athletes who made the effort!

From the 1st to 18th position there was an unreal level of competitiveness and it was testimony to each of the athletes onstage.

Another show, another title for Flex. However the celebrations were put on hold as Flex went straight back into depletion mode for the Prague GP just 6 days later!

Thanks for reading!

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