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I won’t forget that dreaded alarm going off at around 6.30am on Monday the 21st of October. The morning after Flex's win at the British Grand Prix.

It was a weekend full of excitement yet an endless amount of running around, organising the Sportex Festival. I was F--ked and I could have easily fallen back to sleep, but it was just another day in the office for Flex and myself as we got ready to leave the hotel for a Flex Magazine photo shoot with Robbie Durand and Erik Fankhouser.

I grabbed a few mouthfuls of breakfast and headed to the Gym, first up was Erik and myself shooting, and then a couple of hours later it was Flex and myself to shoot again. What I can say is that I felt so exhausted I couldn't shoot with Erik, I was so dam pale I looked Zombified!!

I was like snow white but without the innocence. Pale, hungry, and pissed off!! I wanted my bed back!!

Anyway, Flex got to the gym around 10am I believe and I started to wake up by then. Personally I felt we got some great shots from that shoot which you will all see very soon.

What was so great about the shoot was that it gave us the ability to deplete Flex hard as we needed burn off those excess calories we had loaded him with 5 days before. One thing that a good photo shoot does is burn calories that's for sure!

To fast forward things and jump forward in our time machine Monday, Tuesday, and the whole of Wednesday was depletion. However cardio was Only 20 minutes in the AM, I didn't want to run the risk of pushing Flex hard on cardio causing his legs to not recover in time for Saturday’s show.

Everything was text book and once again Flex's body moved exactly in the direction in which it was supposed to.

Thursday I took the 50-60 minute drive to his home where we would start our journey to Bristol Airport and from there a straight flight to Prague. It was my first trip to Prague but it was also a trip Flex and myself very much needed together as the Mr O and the British Grand Prix were non-stop for us both and the only real time we had together was ‘’game plan’’ time.

Prague was a great time for us both as we both had down time to enjoy each other’s company without the commitment to work any stands for our sponsors. I'm not saying that we don't enjoy everything we do on and off the stage; I just mean it was nice to relax a little and kick our shoes off, even if it was for just a little while.

So what are my first thoughts of Prague and the promoter, Robert? Amazing!!

Firstly Robert went way above and beyond to make our stay unforgettable and the City and its people we're just amazing. I know this much, it was bloody cold and I’m sure my bits turned inside themselves at one point. -5' and snowy skies, that's not what I was expecting but it made the trip even more fun as Flex and myself laughed about how stupid we looked dressed like we were on a sunny beach somewhere, and why everyone was looking at us.

The fact is Flex Stood out because he looked dirty and homeless with his fake tan, and of course his calves are not exactly inconspicuous are they? And as for me I'm sure everyone could see the goose bumps on my face and on my receding hairline.

It was a little hard to keep up with Flex’s metabolic rate of digesting carbs during the carb loading phase as it was certainly going over drive. This was clear to me in weigh ins as his weight if I remember rightly was about 3-4lbs down from the British Grand Prix, however it wasn't a huge concern, just a mere fact that we needed to try and increase his carb. By this time we were hitting over 1,000g of complex carbs a day!

Saturday morning came and I personally felt Flex's look was the best look to date, dry and as hard as stone, full and deeply separated.

Everything that we strived to achieve with his body surpassed what we wished for. The Pre-Judging was about 3 hours away so I didn't want to go crazy with carbs, so it was a meal of Steak, eggs, and potato, and a second meal of turkey and rice cakes.

By the time Flex hit the stage yet again I felt he was a good few points in front of his fellow competitors, the only thing I felt we needed to change for the finals later that evening was to bring a slightly fuller look to the stage. His separation in Pre-Judging was outstanding and his ever increasing 3 dimensional look just exaggerated it's self on that stage.

Yet again pose for pose Flex and his rival competitors were on stage battling. One thing that's such a rewarding feeling for me is the respect and true friendship Flex and myself have gathered from all the other competitors, it's a feeling that is humbling knowing we can sit among any of them and have true friendship within ourselves.

After Pre-judging I read some of the comments on the boards and one of the comments made me laugh, however in a very positive way that is.

Giles Thomas a very close friend of mine said if I remember correctly, ‘’Flex Lewis sharper than Grand Prix, however not as full!’’

OK you want full! Flex myself and rising new hot Pro William Boake headed straight to McDonald’s.

It was time to party and down some Big Mac's! Oh yes and Ice Cream, diet Coke, chicken Burgers, and oh yes I forgot, more Big Mac’s!!!

By this time it was loading accomplished for sure. I won't bore you with the hassle we had from trying to get a Taxi in the heavy snow within Prague back to our Hotel, however let's just put it Iike this - it was a pain in the ass as we were stuck in McDonald’s for over 90 minutes trying to get a cab ride back to the host hotel.

When we finally got back to the hotel I had my notes and database I needed to write up Flex's loading and prep program whilst he had to go to the expo for 1 hour. By the time I finished my work it was nearly time for Flex to head back and meet up with me for the final phase for the final Event. I quickly shoot over to the Expo which was only a 2 minute walk away to find Flex mobbed by fans and followers, this in itself is always very rewarding to me as Flex always spends as much quality time talking and finding out about them.

We soon headed back and rested up for about 2-3 hours before having to head back to the venue for the finals night show.

Just before we left I asked Flex to weigh himself and strip off!!! F--k me he was bursting out of his skin and was 4-5lbs up from his morning weight, he was as full as a house and gunning to battle, it was game time again! Once again each and every competitor graced the stage and when all was said and done Flex walked away with another victory and the perfect ending to his 2012 IFBB Pro League season.

For me it was nice to finally relax and allow the pressure to ease, whichever way you look at things, the finger will always be pointed at me regardless of certain factors out of my control if Flex doesn't walk on stage in shape. However we did exactly what we set out to do this year, win every Pro show we entered and bring something new and exciting each and every time.

Behind us both we have the most amazing team of sponsors. It's not just a journey or a goal Flex and myself set, it's a goal which all the team are a part of. Never think for one minute it's easy doing what we do, it's not, but it's how you achieve the end result that matters most.

As for now I'm writing this blog once more as I head overseas for yet another journey and chapter in my book. Flying thousands of feet above land and seas this trip takes me away from my family for many weeks and days before I fly back home for Christmas to be with them again.

As for Flex he's counting down the seconds, minutes, hours and days before flying back to the love of his life and to start a USA tour with the best company in the industry – of course, that is Gaspari Nutrition!

Guys and girls, whatever it is in life you’re striving to achieve, set short term goals which are achievable with relentless effort; don't think you’re any different to anyone else because you’re not.

Goals are there to be set, setting them drives you closer to the picture and that is in each and every one of us.

OK I'm outta here, good night every one.

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