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You Only Have One Shot in Life so Make It Count!

It's like going back in time in a time machine, everything is never ending.

Nothing ever seems to have changed, and life is all about change, fresh starts, opportunities, and a relentless fight for survival and accomplishments.

Well everything in the UK was all about change when Flex entered his home country with that title of 212lb  Mr Olympia, it brought an air of excitement, accomplishment and energy which carried itself throughout the bodybuilding and health & fitness world, and ever deeper into the grass roots of our Sport!!

It's easy to be a person who leans on others to get through life or gain motivation, I guess we all do this at some point and we all need a team or others to help us through life's journey. I remember looking up to other people and athletes and using their image or personality to make me a stronger person. Its human nature and it's free, it's in each and every one of us. We all need hope and a life line, a dream or a goal to strive for. Flex is very much many of those things I have just mentioned in that he had brought a new beginning and change to UK for the better, and where his fans, followers and other athletes can take some form of motivation from him

Flex is a proud Welsh man who holds his head high to be the best at what he does on the stage and off it,but he’s also extremely sensitive to life, family, his feelings, love, and giving to others for the better.

Not everyone can be a champion in the terms of winning shows, events and titles. However we are all equal and we are all just as important as each other, no matter whom or what you are don't think differently. My point is Flex STILL sees himself as that young snotty nose kid going to watch his first ever BodyBuilding show, a fan, innocent and blinded by others, it's a quality with in himself I know will never change

So "What" is Mr Olympia to James Flex Lewis? It is not just a title or a name; it's everything that being the best is supposed to be about. It's about making a difference for the better, giving back to the sport and others, helping others achieve their goals and being a person who can help this sport we love so much grow. It's respect, strength and a sign of this Young Mans dream of following his dream and making it happen. NO stone unturned!! No giving up on what is important to him, and a true test of his inner self that has shown Victory and respect to his competitors

If I could explain in a few words what this journey has been like for Flex from his first ever show 9 years ago to now I would say an enjoyable challenge and journey, a struggle, yet an awareness of who he really is as a person

So what does the future bring and hold for this Welsh man?

We have a game plan, and we will make it happen. I have goals set for Flex, he has goals. We never set something which is not achievable, a goal should be something challenging, exciting, and something you can one day achieve!

I too have goals, and I always do everything possible to see them through, the problem with Flex and myself is we are SO VERY much the same. We are a team and a unit which when bounded together is strong, a link of steel, a love and respect for one another which is impossible to explain. We work together for all the right reasons, what we are doing together is a journey, a chapter and a book, however we have Only just started to write the first few chapters of what and where we are going in this story to be told.

What I can't forget are the very people that have been there for him from day one, his amazing family, friends and people who believed in him from the beginning to now

But think about this for one minute, Flex was just a Junior BodyBuilder. Success came so quickly for him; however the VERY companies who believed in him then WAY before he was Pro are the VERY companies who are with him now!!!! That is a Fucking VERY rewarding feeling of loyalty and believe they have show towards Flex and myself

How many companies can you say this about? Let's face facts, business in business, but for Flex and myself it's more than just that. It's all about the TEAM and a Team that holds strong through Victory and defeat will always end with success

Gaspari Nutrition, AMI-Weider/Flex Magazine, Gasp Clothing were there before Flex was a Pro, and way before his name went international.

I personally have to say a very sincere thank you to these people for Flex's success.

His AMAZING Mother, Father, Brothers and Family.

Joe V aka Joe Veider, Rich Gaspari and Dan Pierce for developing such a great line of supplements, Robin Chang, Peter McGough, Alan Donnelly,  Michael Johanson, Ed Conners and all of his loyal fans.

And one VERY special Lady, Ali Rosen his girlfriend! Since she entered his life Flex has become a much more rounded, complete, Happier person. She is very very much the back bone to his success this year. A rock and a true inspiration to his Life

This may seem like a bit of a sensitive blog towards Flex's life now as the 2012 Mr. O 212lb, but its words which have been written from the side on me and the journey from which we have come all those many year working together.

Don't give up on that things which make you who you are, you only get one shot at Life!!!! Make it happen :)

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