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Every Goal Starts with an Idea

Goals, ideas, thoughts, reasons all start by a moment of time, even just a second that sends a signal for you to think, no matter where you maybe we all think of things even if for a brief moment. Those very thoughts whether it is a goal, a wish, an insight or an idea should be listed, thought upon and if needed acted upon.

Goal setting is vital I believe to overcome life's hurdles & disturbances that it throws at us every day. Believe to achieve, never give in, keep moving forward are just a few words, sentences, and phases Flex uses every day in his never ending drive to be the best bodybuilder in the World!

You too have the ability to move forward, achieve greatness in what it is that life has blessed you with. However sometimes it takes time to find out who we really are, and what your strengths in life are. Everyone no matter what you think is not just good but great at something.

Who are you and why are you here reading this blog? You're an individual that has every reason to be the best at what you can do. Life can throw many things in front of us along our walk through life. What determines a champion to a lesser person? Nothing, no one is greater than the other, but it's how we look at others which bring a negative or positive thought to our minds.

This is how I help structure my athletes/clients goals.

The big picture may be we want to win an event, however don't think too far ahead, and think about hitting shorter term goals first. The bigger goal may be weeks, months, and maybe even years away. Listing short term goals allows us to keep primed and motivated for the ultimate goal. List small short term goals, steps, each day which will allow your mind to be fuelled and when we achieve them it keep us mentally in a positive mind-set for the following days or weeks ahead.

Here are a few things I recommend you do!

  • List your meals on a note pad every day with the times you need to eat
  • List your Supplements with times you need to take them every day
  • List your fluid intake down which you need to drink every day
  • List your cardio programme and the time required every day
  • List your training programme including the reps and weight used
  • List all the commitments you have each day whether it be work or personal things which need to be done
  • Right now you have the days goals which you need to tick off each day.

As each day passes make sure you have done what was asked of you for that day in your check list, making yourself accountable for your actions is vital for consistent progress on your journey to reaching your overall goals.

No matter how big or small your daily and weekly goals are never underestimate the importance they possess to your future goals! Taking these small steps allows you to mentally increase the strength of your belief, allowing you to gain momentum.

Remember every goal starts with an idea that your mind has thought or seen.

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