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Spring Has Spring New Muscle

Time is flying by and it's May already, crazy to think that we are well and truly past the first quarter of 2013 and the IFBB Pro League season is off with a Bang

Just like so many years, 2013 has been set to be a very competitive year on and off the stage. The question on everyone's lips is who's going to be the New kid on the block, who's Hot and who's Not? And who's Gonna take that Mr Olympia title this Year???

Will Jay come back better than Ever? Will Kai bring his all time Best and defeat the mighty Phil Heath? Will an outsider of the Top 3 knock them all down and take the throne? My option is No, but I do see the Top 5-6 Places wide open, Heath, Branch, Kai, Dexter, Wolf, Jay, Roden... All have the ability to cause a storm, the question is from what direction will it come from? North, South, West or East?? Whatever direction it may be I personally see this Years Mr Olympia the BEST ever. The depth in that Top 6 is extremely close and from 7-12 is even tighter. It's all a matter who's in shape and who's not.

Then we have the 212lb Class which is arguably the toughest Class of All, these guys are crazy close when it comes to condition, size and quality. This is Not a class for the weak as Only the strong survive on stage. Gaspari's own Flex Lewis who ran away with clear victories last year is returning to the stage in 2013 where he took that title last year is just about to start his off-season. With his International travel nearly done we start talking Business about this years Prep. It's plain and simple to me. There's  Edwardo, Jose, Henry, Sami and Kevin, that is if Kevin returns this year, who are the front runners. All of them bring something different and none to the same.

So how do you put together a game plan to try and beat these guys, simple look at each Athlete, break him down into Muscle groups and train to be the most complete, conditioned and mentally prepared Athlete on stage, after that its all down to Nutrition, Supplementation and Rest. No stone unturned repeats itself louder in Flex and my minds, Never give in and always be respectful to your fellow competitors, that's how we set our game plan.

Even though this Blog is a little early before the Biggest Event hits the stage in four and a half months time, it's THE DRIVING Stone to the Dream of being the BEST Athlete ever to grace the stage. What may seem like months away will soon be days, don't waist time looking back wishing you started your Prep's earlier. Plan, Prep, Set goals and make them happen.

Good luck to all the competitors who are competing this Year. You better bring your A-game


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