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BodyPower .. It’s a Wrap

Well it's the Wednesday after the BodyPower weekend in the UK and I'm sure I speak on behalf of everyone who attended the Event that it was a Huge success. To be honest, I had to think for a few mins just to check it was Wednesday as I haven't stopped at all for the last nine days. Last Tuesday I headed up to Birmingham England to run  PT courses with my Business partner Kris Gethin, they were on Tuesday and Wednesday, then Thursday Kris and myself were doing photo shoots all day. Thursday night I met up with Branch Warren and Johnny Jackson where Kris Gethin would also join us to train Back together. All I can say is those guys can move some serious weight, more so the intensity and effort they put into their working sets is nothing short of extreme!

Before I knew it, it was Friday morning and the first day of the Expo. Friday is based around a trade day, so the attendance was always going to be lower, however the foot traffic was still very busy with around 20,000 people attending the Expo, this doesn't inc the thousands of Athletes who were competing in the 28 different Sporting Events that day. Friday was a fantastic day, huge amounts of interest  towards the Gaspari Products, but more importantly the present Gaspari consumers were loving the New Products that Dan Pierce has designed for the Market place. Personally I Love my Aminolast, Gylcofuse and the New MyoFusion Elite Protein Series and products. I'm very much one of those people who can tell when something's working for me and when it's not, but these products are very much the back bone to my supplement program each and every day.

Saturday morning seemed to arrive before I knew it, and it was a Crazy day, I haven't seen so many fans/consumers attend an Event other than the Arnold  in Columbus, in fact Saturdays Expo was a sell out where no more people could enter the Expo halls due to logger head numbers, over 40,000 people came through the Expo Halls on the Saturday and the energy around the Event/Expo was nothing short of Crazy.

Saturday evening was an Amazing evening. Gaspari arranged a Birthday dinner party for Rich Gaspari who celebrated his 50th Birthday on the Thursday before, so it was a great feeling being able to be a part of such a special day for Rich. The food was great, but Rich's Birthday cake was Amazing! It was made to resemble a Super Pump container and it was Unreal, not just that, it tasted GREAT also. It was a really great night and it was fantastic to enjoy Rich's Birthday Party with him.

Sunday was yet another crazy busy day. When thinking back I kinda think, how the hell can you fit in so much work in only 3 days. In total I did 5x1hr Seminars Sunday, 1x1hr training session and an endless amount of meeting fans and Athletes. By the time Sunday was over I was exhausted and certainly glad that this Outstanding Event had come to a close.

Looking back at the whole Weekend and Event it was an Amazing experience, so many positive things happened and more importantly, everyone felt it was an Outstanding Event for all who took part, and all who came. BodyPower 2014 has already been set for May the 16th/17th and 18th. Anyone who hasn't attended this Event, I would seriously encourage to do so, it's a World Class Event.

Monday saw myself and Branch Warren do a Seminar in Birmingham, at Simon Fans Gym. It's newly opened and its a Real great place to train.  To be honest, it was dead with only 5 people attending, I didn't expect anyone to come along as BodyPower had only just finished and of course the Seminar was in the same City as the Event. However, Tuesday we travelled to London and held another Seminar at Zone Gym, Outstanding Gym, a Real Hardcore Gym with the very latest in Hammer strength, Cybex.  Over 75 people attended the Seminar and it was really educational with lots of questions being asked. By the time the evening had ended I was wanting to go to sleep, a crazy busy 8 days and the following morning (Wednesday) I was to fly back to India, however lets talk about that in my next Blog

Take it easy guys


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