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Why is Neil in South India?

Sitting inside a cafe having a coffee on an extremely hot day in South India. You are probably asking yourself, "why is Neil in South India?" I'm here in Hydrabad looking after one of the biggest South Indian actors by the name of Mahesh Banu. Mahesh Banu is a client of my business partner/great friend Kris Gethin. Kris has been training Mahesh for the past 3-4 months before I was asked to take over. All of this came about because Kris has a once in a lifetime opportunity to star in a movie with one of his other big name Indian clients.

Kris has done an amazing job with Mahesh's body transformation! While working with Kris, Mahesh has lost 23lbs in 90-120 days. His physique has really transformed into something special. Now it's my job to build some quality muscle on Mahesh, keep his fat levels around 8%, and generally maintain his current fitness level so he's always in great shape for his film season.

With every client I work with I always incorporate some type of supplementation with their daily meals. It just so happens that I am the head trainer for the best supplement company in the world, Gaspari Nutrition. All of my Indian clients use Gaspari Nutrition products daily. I just started Mahesh on Aminolast and GylcoFuse and we have seen an increase in recovery, hydration, and decrease in fatigue levels while he's training. I love the reaction from my clients when I suggest certain Gaspari products to them and they actually see that they work. People, Product, Results!

I have been here in India for about 19 days but in a weeks time I fly back to the UK with Mahesh. He is set to film in Belfast, Ireland and London, England for one of his latest movies. Pretty dam cool that I'm going back with him for that.

As for my Gaspari Nutrition Athletes, our very own Ken Jackson just recently competed in his first Pro Show. Ken and I have been working with each other since 2009. Not the placing we were hoping for as Ken didn't break the top 10, but his look and package he brought was best to date. We also learned a great deal about his body durning this prep and last weekends pro debut.

Ken is like the "perfect/worst" client you could want to work with, all in one. He's so damn committed, hungry to be successful , disciplined, and gives 110%! His body holds a shit ton of water and its nearly impossible to know what he's looking like until the last week of his prep. With Ken's prep this time we kept his cardio lower, carbs high, fats high, and had more refeed days. When it came to his carb depletion we kept his carbs higher than normal preps in the past. When it came to his loading phase, his body kept absorbing carbs into his muscle bellies at an extremely rapid pace. The reality is we could have loaded Ken more than we did but I did not want to take the chance of him spilling over especially with me not being there to fix it! After a burger and fries and diet meals Ken's physique looked its best at the night show for the finals- but of course the places were already made by then. This should never be looked upon as a negative thing though, it's certainly a positive as we learn more each time out and find out what really works for each individual athlete.

Everything about Ken goes against the grain and that's why I love my work! It is always challenging, keeps me thinking, and allows me to build closer relationships with my clients on each journey. Ken and I have decided to prep for the Chicago Pro-Show in 4 weeks time, we are hoping to bring a drier, fuller look to the stage

As for Flex Lewis - we just started our first phase to Flex's off season prep for the Olympia and shows after the Olympia. I feel each year I prep Flex for a show the nay sayers are always talking, we can't dominate again, or can't bring a bigger, better more complete conditioned Flex Lewis to the stage. Yet, I feel we have done this every single year and this year won't be any different.

There are endless people to thank and think about with Team Gaspari. We have an amazing team who work so hard to deliver the best supplements. We bring some of the best athletes to the stage. One thing I can honestly say is I love my teammates and working along side them makes my job so much easier and enjoyable- thank you guys!

I just want to say a sincere thank you to Rich, Joe, Dan, Flex, Sean and Ken for giving me the opportunity to work with you. You guys rock and I can't wait to hook up with all of you again in Vegas

OK I'm outta here, catch you all next week!

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Rav K from [unknown location]
Proud that Mahesh is exploring all the options to become the hunk of Indian film industry. Neil, thank you for the help in pumping his muscle. I am waiting to see his new look, a sneak peek of the move is out it is good the body is not up to the expectations. All the best Superstar Mahesh.
mahesh c from [unknown location]
oh i am really happy to hear that u are training our superstar that was relly fantastic whether he will show his six packs or not???
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