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In Just 7 Days .. The Arnold Sports Festival

Well it's the end of another week and yet another week closer to one of the biggest events in our sport.

The Arnold Sports Festival is going to be with us in just 7 days and the count down has already taken place for many if not all the competitors who will be going to Ohio to achieve great things in their chosen sport.

As for me count down took place last night when I started getting my cases packed before I head off for the first leg of my trip to London Heathrow in the next 4 hours where I will be staying before catching my flight early tomorrow morning where I will fly into TN to meet up with Flex Lewis and Sean Barber. Well I hope Flex has his credit card out ready as I'm still waiting for my Christmas present from him - he has promised to take me shopping so I can choose anything I like to make up for my present being late!

Mmmm I think I'm gonna clean out his bank acount over night!! Oh yes it's going to be a frigging booming nights shopping in store and a very unhappy Flex Lewis at the end of it!!

What I'm looking forward to doing is going out for food with Flex, Sean and then checking out Brandon Curry later on in the evening. As many of you know I'm working with Brandon again this season and he has made and is still making some fantastic improvments in his conditioning and over all physique. As we speak just 7 days out from gracing the stage for his first Arnold Classic he is already in his best ever condition, as long as he dries out and loads without any issues he is going to shock a lot of people who will be competing against him on stage and more so the audience.

I will be staying with Brandon tomorrow evening before Brandon and myself fly out to Ohio where we will set up base camp ready for the final run into the show.

On another note I can't even try to say how excited I am about the prospect of starting the and Gaspari Y3T Mass building Video series we are doing in Ohio which will start this Monday. I'm even finding myself waking up at night just thinking about it as it will allow myself to express my true beliefs and reasons behind Y3T and why so many of my athletes continue to make big steps forward in their ability to keep building quality mass and consistantly bring better and better condition to the stage. This is something you just DON'T want to miss out on so please keep a look out for this amazing video series to come to you in the very near future.

OK, thats a wrap as my mind is reaching out in all directions telling me have you packed his, have you packed that. I'm just going go through the last check list with what I need to bring with me and some where in between I want to get a booming Chest and Triceps week 2 workout in before I shower and change for my long jurney ahead.

See ya all in Ohio and best wishes and good luck to all the competitors who will be competing in Ohio.

Make sure you come over to the Gaspari Stand where myself and all the Team Gaspari will be more than happy to help out with any questions or needs you may have.

Take it easy, Neil

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