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Here In Mumbai

It's currently 2.25am Mumbai time and it’s still 33 degrees outside, hot humid and very sticky!! As I look outside my window on floor 28 of a 60 story building I see nothing but glowing lights and an air of vibrant excitement as I gazed into the city below.

Mumbai, India what can I say? I was very open minded for many weeks as to what I should expect from this amazing country. Many thoughts went through my mind, nothing really bad just some shooting pictures of a world and place I haven't visited before.

Let’s go back to the day I took off from the UK, it was a straight 9 hour no delay flight from London Heathrow which took off last Monday at 1.30pm. As I found my seat I was surrounded with Indian people who were also making their way back to their home country. I had not sat down for more than a few seconds when it seemed everyone wanted to talk to me, it's kinda impossible to describe all the questions which were being asked of me but straight away I knew I was going to enjoy the people who lived in the country which I was about to make my new home for the next few number of months.

I didn't sleep on the plane at all but I do remember the last few hours dragging and I could feel myself needing a lift so I walked around the plan for a few minutes. Well that was my intention, but yet again everyone seemed to want to talk to me but it was a very comforting knowing I had already formed my opinion of the people I knew I would come to call my friends.

I landed at 3:30am Indian time and by the time I got my cases and made it to the Hotel where I was to sleep for just 1 night it was already 5.15am. I was so frigging tired I didn't even undress, I just crashed out on my bed, next minute my phone went off in my room and as I looked at the time, it was 5.30am bang on. It was Steve the manager who was going to be looking after me and all the Sheru Classic Team members, telling me I had to be ready to be picked up at 10am sharp as we were going over to meet my client.

Bloody hell I was so out of it before I knew it, it was my phone again and as I looked at the time it was 9.45am. I must have had the quickest shower and change in history. As I left my room it was 9.59am and waiting for me in the Hotel Garden was my very great friends Kris and Marika Gethin. Boy was I so happy to see them. We all had the biggest smiles seeing each other again after 5 months and as we sat down for breakfast Kris started telling me stories of the experiences he had already had of India after living there for the past 5 months.

We soon finished our first meal of the day and it was time to head off to finally meet my client. Oh my God it was only then as we made the 5 mile journey it hit home how very different the world where I'm from is from my new home. CRAZY is the only word, I can't even try to explain what the hell was going through my head but it completely made me look in the mirror and say to myself we should think to ourselves every day how lucky we are with what wehave.

You have no idea how people live their lives - it so much more difficult than your own and you don’t realise it until you see it for yourself! BUT that being said EVERY one here was happy, smiling and they made me feel welcome in the City of opportunities.

Mark my words, India is going to be one of the Super Powers of the future and do you know that makes me feel so very good because how many people in our world have looked down at this country for so many years? Now this very country is the place for a better future.

As for me I have only been here for 5 days and I know I'm going to love my new life and enjoy every bit of the culture India has to offer. How can we live in the same world but be so very different in the way we live our lives and what we have as a home?

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