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Randy Tiner

Thinking of those in need during the holidays

I wanted to encourage you guys today to think of those in need during these upcoming holidays. There are so many ways to spread a little joy for those who might have lost everything in hurricane Sandy or those who may just be having some hard times. Nothing saddens me more than when I think of a mother and father that know they cant afford to do much for their children and the disapointment they must feel as parents. I know because Ive been there and it hurts. I also think of all the families who will have tons of food on the table for thanksgiving and those that wont get to eat much at all if anything. The kids who will look at their christmas tree (if they got one) and wont see much under it. These holidays that are approaching are and should be magical times for all children and families.

I challenge everyone to buy some extra toys and take them to your local church or personally pick out a family that you know is on hard times and invite them into your home for thanksgiving. Volunteer to serve the homeless thanksgiving dinner, personally take some toys to some children in need. There alot of sick little children stuck in the hospital who would love for you to bring them a gift on christmas. I can promise you by doing any one of these things for somone, you will feel an overwhelming sense of joy and you will blessed for your selfless act. I have learned this in my own life that i never feel more happiness than when Im giving and helping those in need. There is alot of needs out there but together we can put a smile on someones face and restore some hope in their heart!

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