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Training through adversity

As I have already told you guys I was planning to do the Europa in August. Since that post I have had to battle through a lot of adversity with pain in my arm and 14hr shifts at work etc... I have developed pretty severe tendonitis in my elbow and it was getting so bad I could hardly pick up a weight. I went through a stretch where I was only able to train 1 or 2 times a week at best! While it messed with me mentally pretty bad, I maintained my diet through out the past few weeks and worked through the pain and difficult work schedule, and I somehow have continued to look better and better!! Its actually a little weird how my body has responded to the lack of training. I am actually wondering if I have been over training all this time, im thinking the rest does my body very well. Now I am training up to 4 times a week and doing very little cardio and still looking better and better. So I will get with my coach Max Fairchild (who just won the Overall at the Ronnie) and reassess the situation and see what we want to do. Stay tuned!

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