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Randy Tiner

Happy Fathers Day

Just want to say Happy Fathers Day to all you great dads out there. The card I received today from my 6 year old daughter today was just amazing to me just to say the least! These were the words from a little girl to her daddy today,

"Dear Daddy,

I love you so much, you are the coolest dad. I love you to my heart (heart drawn) you mean everything to me you are the best dad ever!"

Those words will stick with me always because those are her words to me. Shes the sweetest little girl and I look forward to coming home to her every single day. I look at her and I will just pray to myself asking God to keep her safe, let any harm to her be given to me. I just cant describe what she means to me. I hope all of you dads out there cherish your children and hold them tight!! Happy Fathers Day Team Gaspari and all of you!!

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