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The countdown is on until my book comes out. Much of my focus is on the book at the moment and sneaking in races when I can. This weekend I am headed to Vegas for my first Spartan Super of the year. Although Vegas is not my favorite place to race, I prefer the mountains and terrain. Racing at a venue like Vegas is good because it is out of my comfort zone. It's flat, it's dry, and it's HOT! I am looking forward to the new venue they are at and trying my hand again at Vegas and conquering those things that seem outside my wheelhouse.

But until then it's more work promoting the upcoming book as well as a few podcast interviews about the book and racing. It's been in the process since 2012 and each day is closer and closer to the release date. This year April 15 is not only tax day but also the release date of Obstacle Race Training! I can't wait to share years of work with the world!

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