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Margaret Schlachter

The future of Obstacle Racing

Yesterday feels like the true start of the season. As I boarded the plane on the way to Atlanta for a quick conference about the future of Obstacle Racing. After a day of delays and more delays I finally arrived to Atlanta late last night. Today starts the USOCR conference. USOCR aims to help bring [...]

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Scaling WOD’s

Recently our programing changed at our box. There are now several versions of each workout the highest RX+, then RX, then RXM, then RXM+ to help all levels achieve the same intensity and accomplish the goals of each workout. This new change has been great for so many in our box. It allows each person [...]

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New Anavite Powder

After getting home from the holidays I had one extra gift waiting for me at home to try out, new Anavite Powder. Anavite Powder takes Gaspari Nutrition’s multivitamin and steps it up a notch offering a superior multivitamin and amino acids in one package. After a few days of taking the new powder I am [...]

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