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Thanksgiving Time

It's another year and Thanksgiving is here yet again. Thanksgiving is one of the holiday's that I do cheat my normal eating habits on. As I have become more invested in my health and fitness the thought of Thanksgiving is always one I mull over each year. I have learned how to enjoy the holiday and not disrespect my hosts, with two things portion control and the word no.

I come from a family where Thanksgiving means lots of food and lots of family history. The recipes have been the same for generations and this holiday is very important to them. This year however I am away from my home and find myself going to my boyfriend's families house. As I look to the holiday tomorrow I am ready to navigate the meal with ease and grace.

The first thing to remember is portion control. I tend not restrict what I eat in general instead I work closely with portion size and self restraint. If left to my own device I could easily eat a dozen cookies or a whole pumpkin pie. Instead of devouring that huge pile of mashed potatoes or half a pumpkin pie, I slow down think about what I am eating and ask for the smaller portion. Once I have it all on my plate, I savor each bite, let it sit in my mouth a little bit longer, and truly enjoy the flavor. This is a much different way to eat than when I was younger. I have found with this technique I am able to enjoy the full meal without the 3000+ calories of a normal Thanksgiving meal.

The second thing I do is I have learned to say no. This is the hardest thing to practice. As I said before I have an affinity for pumpkin pie. I have slowly learned how to say no to that second and third piece of pie. Self control in a sea of food can be tough. But with practice you get better. The other tip is to drink a couple glasses of water before you start eating you can help fool your stomach into being full before the meal starts. Enjoy your Thanksgiving wherever you may be.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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