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I walked into my CrossFit Box, Ute CrossFit today for my first workout of the day. When I looked at the board I realized the WOD was a partner workout. I prefer to workout between classes at our box and my time is usually spent solo or with a few trainers doing their own workouts for the day at the same time. On partner days I normally find myself having to modify or do another WOD. Today was different.

When I saw the board this morning I realized I had two choices, cut the workout in half and stay average doing the same as everyone else or I could dare to be different and take on the whole workout solo. Something was in me today that wanted me to push a little harder, maybe it was just the Superpump Max in my system. But I dared to be different today, to take on the work of not only one person but two. One of the trainers and I devised how I would do the workout since I didn't have a partner to have the built in rest time. So we broke it up into sets and I was off.

Today's WOD:


Agility work.

4x 10 m side shuffle.

4x 20m Sprint and Back Peddle.

4x 20 Toes touches on 8″ Plates

Do not superset these movements. Rest as your classmates work.

WOD: Partner work, break it up as you wish, one person can move at a time.

100 American Kettlebell Swings 24/16kg

100 Headcutters 24/16kg

100 Calorie on Ski Erg

100 Calorie on Row

100 Sit Ups


3:00 Jump Rope Cool Down

1:00 Plank Hold


The first couple moves weren't too hard but then we got to the SkiErg and the Rowing. It's much different when you are rowing for calories instead of for distance. Between sets on the SkiErg I had to do all I could to keep from collapsing. I kept sipping my GlycoFuse adding back in those important carbs that I was burning through at lightning speed. As I pulled on the SkiErg I found myself skiing the 100 calories in under 10 minutes setting a personal best, then got on the rower, feeling like I was all done, I dug deep and pulled out my 100 calories there in under 7:30 minutes. Finishing out the workout with the 100 sit-ups then my post-WOD work.

I finished, I was depleted, exhausted, but energized. A smile came over my face when I realized exactly what I had just done. I am not sure what the extra push was today that pushed me out of the average, a fire was lit and it fueled me. As I sip Aminolast to help recover, I feel stronger and better than I did when I walked into the gym. I feel energized to take on life. It's amazing how when we push beyond what we think we can do, that we open a new door in ourselves. Today was one of those days.

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